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2022: A year in CCJ test drives (and a few rides)

Truck test drives were among the scads of fun things zapped by COVID in 2020 and 2021, but 2022 saw the good times rolling once again. 

There were some cool drive opportunities for sure in those pandemic years, and some cool product launches too, but it's hard to social distance in a truck cab and just traveling to the truck was a nightmare (and in some cases impossible). The result was that I had to keep my CDL in my pocket more often than not, which meant more keyboard time. Booo...

Thank goodness for 2022's return to some version of normalcy. Below are the test drive opportunities CCJ had this year, including some new and some refreshed products, a few electric and a few autonomous technology platforms. 

Disclaimer: I actually drove this truck in late 2021 but it was 2022 before I had the chance to write and publish the recap. 

Plus is one of any number of autonomous trucking tech companies battling for elbow room at the table in a future of automated trucks.

Armed with a suite of sensors, the company's first commercial driver assist platform, PlusDrive, is far from a "driverless" tool, rather an added co-pilot layer of safety technologies.

I took a turn at captaining the autonomous ship –  a PlusDrive-equipped Peterbilt – around Nashville, Tennessee.